North Fork John Day Watershed Council: Community Focused, Landscape Reflected!

Eons ago, the mighty John Day River carved out a grand landscape that, today, provides a rich community of geology, plants, animals and people. The North Fork John Day Watershed takes pride in supporting the ecosystems and communities of this magnificent setting through restoration, education, landowner assistance and community service. We are a private non-profit organization that inspires awareness of the landscape and success of the people who call this landscape home.

We welcome you to become familiar with the sights and happenings here in the shadow of Oregon’s Blue Mountains. Learn about the ecology. View some of our restoration projects. Participate in our learning opportunities.

What's Happening

Native Species of the Week

Snowshoe Hare

NPS Photo/Jacob W. Frank

NPS Photo/Jacob W. Frank

Snowshoe hares change their color with the seasons to blend in with their environment – their brown summer fur turns white when the snow falls. Their name comes from their enormous hind feet, which act as snowshoes to help them walk over the tops of deep snow drifts.

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