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Eons ago, the mighty John Day River carved out a grand landscape that, today, provides a rich community of geology, plants, animals and people. The North Fork John Day Watershed takes pride in supporting the ecosystems and communities of this magnificent setting through restoration, education, landowner assistance and community service. We are a private non-profit organization that inspires awareness of the landscape and success of the people who call this landscape home.

We welcome you to become familiar with the sights and happenings here in the shadow of Oregon’s Blue Mountains. Learn about the ecology. View some of our restoration projects. Participate in our learning opportunities.

What’s Happening

Calling All Nature Lovers!  PreK- 6th Grade











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Join us for nature exploration, nature walks, bugs, terrariums, bugs, nature journals, rocks, and much more!

Every Wednesday 11 – 1 p.m through the summer.  Lunch to follow.


To all of our funders & supporters~ Thank You!

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More On-Going News

Desolation Creek Project

2016 projects have begun on the Desolation Creek, LLC property!
The Desolation Creek, LLC property owned by Ecotrust Forest Management (EFM), and managed by Marty Eisenbraun, has become an exciting focus for the Watershed Council on its private lands side of operations. We are fortunate to be key partners in this company’s holistic approach to restoration; to see how various activities can integrate and transform an entire landscape!
Thanks to a diversified funding pool this year, NFJDWC has a wide variety of projects slated for 2016:
–  92 acres of noxious weed treatments around wet meadows and along roadways
Funded by: CTUIR & BMEI
–  200 quaking aspen seedlings purchased and planted around wet meadow areas
Funded by: BMEI
–  46 acres of conifer thinning, piling and disposal around encroached wet meadow areas
Funded by: RMEF
–  7 wet meadow/spring developments
Funded by: OWEB, CTUIR & UNF
–  7 wet meadow cattle ex-closures (19,764 ft.)
Funded by: OWEB & UNF
–  Various pre-project monitoring activities
Funded by: Patagonia
–  Artificial beaver damn structures.
Funded by: Patagonia
–  Various public interest maintenance projects (i.e. campsite improvements and road system maintenance)
Funded by: Patagonia & EFM
NFJDWC isn’t the only one vested in the Desolation Creek, LLC property! Various other agencies, as well as Ecotrust Forest Management themselves, have their own projects coming underway for the 2016 field season:
–  Continued Desolation Creek riparian fencing (26,400 ft)
Implemented by: ODFW
–  Desolation Creek Geomorphic Assessment & Action Plan (completion 01/2017)
Implemented by: CTUIR
–  Commercial harvesting
Implemented by: EFM
–  Fire break activities
Implemented by: NRCS & EFM
–  Continued pre-commercial thinning
Implemented by: EFM

Cheers to an exciting field season!
Valeen Madden




For more info on other ongoing projects go to our Current Projects Page 


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