North Fork John Day Watershed Council: Community Focused, Landscape Reflected!

Eons ago, the mighty John Day River carved out a grand landscape that, today, provides a rich community of geology, plants, animals and people. The North Fork John Day Watershed takes pride in supporting the ecosystems and communities of this magnificent setting through restoration, education, landowner assistance and community service. We are a private non-profit organization that inspires awareness of the landscape and success of the people who call this landscape home.

We welcome you to become familiar with the sights and happenings here in the shadow of Oregon’s Blue Mountains. Learn about the ecology. View some of our restoration projects. Participate in our learning opportunities.

What's Happening

  • Welcoming New Staff Member

    The North Fork John Day Watershed council would like to welcome newest staff member Kathy Hardt who will act as our business manager. She also lives just out of the town of Long Creek.

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  • Desolation Creek Project

    Wet meadows are being restored on 13,400 acres in northern Grant County flanking Desolation Creek. The project will restore degraded meadow and spring habitat in order to re-establish flow and improve riparian functionality.

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Native Species of the Week

Sanguisorba minor Small Burnet 

Photo Courtesy of Fornax

The small burnet is a wildflower found throughout the United States.  Not only is it a wildflower, but its leaves are also an herb that has been used in foods and drinks. It is considered great forage for livestock and wildlife and attracts honey bees.The small burnet is able to adapt to many environmental conditions, even being drought tolerant. It has also be used for rehabilitation after wildfire, juniper control, and post-fire weed control.  

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