Desolation Creek, LLC Wet Meadow Restoration Phase I & II

Published January 16th, 2017 in Blog, What's Happening? | Comments Off on Desolation Creek, LLC Wet Meadow Restoration Phase I & II

The 13,400 acre Desolation Creek, LLC property is situated in Northern Grant County. It borders the Umatilla National Forest and the Bridge Creek Wildlife Area and encompasses 10 miles of the seminal Desolation Creek. The land was purchased in 2014 with the primary stewardship goals of restoration and community development.  The landowners maintain access to the public and encourage responsible hunting, camping and recreation use. The property also serves as a grazing allotment for 3 ranching families in Grant County.

Since the land was purchased, NFJDWC has secured grants through various funders and facilitated the implementation of a number of resource improvement projects, including:


  • 11 springs developed, providing off-source water to livestock
  • 75 acres of wet meadow fence protection
  • 52 acres of pre-commercial thinning
  • 950 acres surveyed for invasive weeds
  • 78 acres of ODA A&B listed invasive weed treatments
  • 5 wet meadow channel erosion treatments
  • 2 aspen stand protections

The landowners and NFJDWC are committed to continuing efforts toward a restored and self-sustaining landscape on the Desolation Creek, LLC lands. Applications for 2017 have been made and planning is ongoing. We are looking forward to all the good work that is to come.

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