Desolation Creek Project

Published June 2nd, 2015 in Blog, What's Happening? | Comments Off on Desolation Creek Project

Restoration is happening on Desolation Creek!  On the Desolation Creek property, abundant springs and their associated sensitive, wet-meadow habitats have been unprotected over the decades and become degraded through time. Where flow once contributed to Desolation Creek, several springs have diminished flows.  Springs and outflow channels no longer have protective vegetation resulting in down-cutting, channel incision, and riparian degradation. Associated aspen stands are declining and over-dense forests are encroaching on these treasured ecosystems. The solution will occur in two phases.  The first year includes 8,448 feet of fence installation to manage grazing in wet meadows, development of five springs with off-site watering, thinning 6 acres of encroaching forest thickets, and protecting two stands of aspen.  

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