North Fork John Day Summer Youth Crew 2015

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The crew has built brand new fencing on the Malheur National Forest to keep domestic livestock out of sensitive stream areas – known as riparian areas.  On the Malheur Forest, the crews have also eradicated weeds from several sites, maintained recreational trails, and protected bull trout habitat. 

Crews have also been dispatched to restore habitat and m aintain recreation facilities at the Desolation Creek property at the north end of Grant County.  There they removed old fencing, added woody material to a small creek, cleaned up campgrounds, pulled weeds, and brushed fence lines.  

Old fencing was removed by two crews in the Fox Valley to prepare for new fencing being established by contractors to protect the stream environment from grazing.  

Overall, 9 crews employing 36 youth and four crew leaders have contributed to the ecosystem here in the Blue Mountains.   Each young person is paid for their labors, learns new skills, and gets job training.  WE ARE EXTREMELY PROUD OF OUR YOUNG EMPLOYEES! 




IMG_8831Setting wood to enhance creek channel

IMG_8820Collecting silt to “aggrade” the stream bed

IMG_8844The film crew shoots footage of the crew

The Watershed Council is deeply grateful to all the people and organizations that help us to fund this program and create opportunities for Grant County Youth while, at the same time, improving our local landscape!  Funderswho help make this program possible include:

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Oregon Community Foundation

National Fish & Wildlife Foundation

Gray Family Foundation

Ecotrust Forest Management

Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board

Oregon Youth Conservation Corps

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife




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